Forty years of forward thinking
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Forty years of forward thinking

We exist because we believe that a decent retirement should be for many, not just a few.

Australia's first industry super fund

As a company we don’t often look back, but when we do, we can be proud of a history spent fighting for working Australians.

Before 1978, the average Australian worker wasn’t entitled to superannuation – it was generally an exclusively white-collar benefit, which meant that everyday people were forced to rely solely on the Age Pension when they retired. Those workers who were lucky enough to have some sort of retirement benefit didn’t enjoy the same flexibility and rights that we do today. The arrangements were at the discretion of their employer, which often meant that if an employee left their employer, or lost their job, they lost all of their employer contributions.

In 1978, we were established by the Federated Storemen and Packers' Union, now the United Workers Union, to lay the foundation for the Australian superannuation system as we know it today. In fact, we played a major role in shaping the super system, especially industry super funds. 

We believed that super was a basic right of employment for all – not just a small group of privileged workers.

We’re proud that financial independence and security in retirement is now a reality for all hard-working Australians.

Although a lot has changed since super’s humble beginnings, one thing has remained constant – we’re working for a better future for every member.

Charlie Donnelly - CEO, LUCRF Super

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