Why choose us
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Why choose us

When you become a LUCRF Super member you'll be part of an industry super fund that's been providing solid, long-term investment returns, low administration fees and excellent service for the past 40 years. We'll continue to work together for a better future.

Working for a better future

We're an Industry SuperFund

Industry SuperFunds are run only to benefit members. The average Industry SuperFund member is $36,333 better off over 15 years than if they were a member of the average retail super fund1

Compare the pair, based on a starting balance of $50,0002
your super balance after 15 years


Our competitive fees

We're committed to keeping fees as low as possible so our members can get the most out of their super. This table shows the difference in yearly fees between us and the average retail and industry super funds for a member with a $50,000 balance.

total fees for an accumulation balanced option per year3
average retail super fund balanced optionlucrf super balanced optionaverage industry super fund balanced option
$775 p.a.
$497 p.a.4
$536 p.a.

Our ratings and awards

We're proud that our super and pension products are highly rated by Australia's independent rating organisations.

We’ve been awarded a ‘AAA’ rating from industry researcher Rainmaker for our Personal Plan, Pension and Super products and Gold SuperRatings awards for both our pension and super products. 

Product ratings and awards are only one factor to consider when making a decision about our products.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

IndustrySuperFund figures are correct as of 30 June 2019. Source: industrysuper.com/assumptions 

3 Source: SuperRatings SMART Tool May 2020. All total fees are reported gross of tax. 

LUCRF Super's total fees net of tax on the accumulation Balanced option for a $50k balance is $443 p.a.

Advice about your super is included in your membership fees.

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