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Supporting cancer patients in regional and rural areas

Many women living in regional and rural areas miss out on vital patient-support services because they don’t have access to metropolitan hospitals. Counterpart, the cancer service of Women’s Health Victoria want to change this and lead the way with digital and telehealth cancer-support services.

Building on previous success

Between 2015 and 2017 our Community Program funded the Bridge of Support program established through the partnership of Counterpart and Western Health (Sunshine Hospital). This program gave women in the western suburbs of Melbourne access to face-to-face support following a cancer diagnosis and during treatment. It was so successful it is now embedded in the supportive care provided at Sunshine Hospital’s breast clinic.

The same level of care delivered remotely

Following on from this success, we’re now funding Counterpart services that will provide women in regional and rural areas with the same level of practical and emotional support.  

The use of telehealth as an alternative communication and delivery channel for health and wellbeing services is a growing area. Using an existing telehealth facility, Counterpart is implementing a new pilot project in Ballarat.

Taking advantage of modern technology

With our funding, Counterpart will be able to invest in new systems and equipment to leverage cutting-edge technologies in telehealth. Leading the development of digital and telehealth services, this project will offer women in and around Ballarat, cancer-support services currently not available to them. Counterpart would then like to extend this service to other regional and rural locations, giving all women access to the best quality healthcare. 

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