Women's Community Shelters

50,000 women are homeless and more than one in two women are turned away from crisis shelters every night in Australia*. Existing services cannot meet the demand for crisis accommodation for homeless women.

Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) works with communities in NSW to establish short-term emergency accommodation for homeless women. Working together with the government, philanthropic businesses and the community, WCS use an innovative ‘tri-partite’ funding model to establish and operate shelters for women. These shelters help meet women’s immediate need for accommodation.

But ongoing help is needed…

The number one cause for women’s homelessness in Australia is domestic violence. For a woman to escape domestic violence, she not only needs a short-term safe environment, but ongoing help to find affordable housing and a plan to maintain housing over the long-term. Access to healthcare, counselling, legal help and employment options are just some of the services required.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve finally escaped from your violent partner. You’ve bundled your kids into the car with only a bag of clothes, and then left suddenly before he returns home. You know you can’t ever go back, but you’ve got nothing, no fridge, bed, furniture and no-where to go. You might work part-time or not all. You mightn’t even have your own bank account. How will you afford to rent somewhere? This is the reality for many homeless women.

Helping women with practical solutions

Recognising the needs of women facing homelessness and often domestic violence, WCS established an outreach program in 2016, to assist women and children as they transition from crisis to long- term housing. The program helps homeless women with practical solutions including education grants, employment opportunities and household essentials.

Our Community Program is supporting WCS to extend this program to two new shelters. This will give more women access to the outreach program so they can get back on their feet and into a secure housing situation as soon as possible. 

Women's Community Shelters

*Women’s Community Shelters homepage, https://www.womenscommunityshelters.org.au/, viewed 14 September 2018.

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