Foundation House

Full-time employment of a gambling counsellor 

Foundation House is an alcohol, drug and gambling treatment facility run by the Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Foundation (the Foundation).

Established in 1994, the Foundation is a non-profit organisation that raises funds to provide adequate, effective and readily accessible alcohol, drug and gambling treatment services for construction industry personnel and their family members, as well as for the general public.

Foundation House, located in Rozelle, NSW is a 28-bed residential facility that operates month-long live-in programs focusing on drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation. In addition to the residential programs, the facility offers a broad range of services specifically designed around the needs of individual clients.

Foundation HouseThe LUCRF Super Community Program funded the employment of a full-time gambling counsellor at the facility, to help tackle the growing incidence of problem gambling in the community. This has enabled an intensive inpatient gambling program, outpatient counselling, family support, aftercare, relapse prevention groups and after-hours services to gamblers who are unable to attend the live-in program.

Julie’s story

Struggling with a serious gambling problem and suffering anxiety and depression, 57-year-old Julie was admitted to Foundation House to undertake a gambling rehabilitation program. Julie took part in specialist counselling and support programs which revealed a history of dysfunctional relationships throughout her life. While in the program, Julie made significant improvement and has since been accessing outpatient services, including regular one-on-one counselling and weekly relapse prevention sessions at the centre. 

Celebrating 90 days of gambling abstinence, Julie has noticed a significant improvement in her personal relationships and credits this to the skills she developed through Foundation House, particularly around communicating effectively and establishing personal boundaries.

Karen’s story

Karen, 43 years old and an executive of a major corporation, had been using gambling as a coping strategy after surviving child abuse and a long history of dysfunctional personal relationships. She had kept her serious gambling addiction hidden until she was admitted into the Foundation House program with severe psychological distress. 

While her level of distress decreased considerably throughout the program, Karen experienced a relapse within her first month after graduation. As a consequence, she now attends weekly relapse prevention sessions at the centre. Her health and social functioning has since improved and she has celebrated 90 days of gambling abstinence.

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