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The Western Youth Centre Inc. is a local community centre home to community and sporting groups. It is staffed by volunteers and provides a safe space for local youth and adults including new migrants to join together in cultural gatherings and recreational activities, promoting inclusion and community involvement.

Western Youth Centre's website
Nov 2012 - Oct 2013

Western Youth Centre (WYC) is a community centre in Adelaide’s inner-city region of West Torrens. Staffed by volunteers, the centre is home to many community and sporting groups ranging from gymnastics to kinder gym, judo to marching bands. It also provides a safe space for local residents, including new migrants, to join together for cultural gatherings and recreational activities that promote social inclusion and community involvement.

The LUCRF Super Community Program supported the design and build of the centre’s website, enabling it to engage with all sections of the local community and beyond. This has provided a new presence and awareness for the organisation and its member clubs.

Since the website went live in January 2014, the WYC has seen an increase in: Western Youth

  • Membership numbers
  • Venue-hiring income
  • General enquiries and engagement, and 
  • Income for future sustainability.

The centre has received positive feedback from their members and the local community regarding the format, usability and content of the new website. We are confident the website will influence the centre’s future viability as hits to the site continue to increase.

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