South Sudanese Skills and Employment Pathways Association of South Australia

Literacy, Numeracy and Basic Computer Skills program

The South Sudanese Skills and Employment Pathways Association of South Australia Inc. (SSSEPASA) enables skilled and employed people of South Sudanese origin to assist others in their community reach their full employment potential.

The LUCRF Super Community Program partnered with SSSEPASA to establish the Literacy, Numeracy and Basic Computer Skills program. This learning program provides support to South Sudanese adults, many who’ve had no formal education, and have settled in South Australia on permanent humanitarian and refugee visas. South Sudanese Skills and Employment Pathways Association of South Australia

Training includes basic work practices, workplace health and safety and general employment laws. The program focuses on numeracy and literacy classes, basic computer skills lessons and classes relating to job search, application writing and interview skills.

During the period of funding there were over 30 participants in the program, with many finding work as a result of the training.

“The participants in the program have told us that they are grateful for the opportunity to attend our Literacy, Numeracy and Basic Computer Skills program. We would like to thank the LUCRF Super Community Program for supporting our vision with funding to enable us to run the classes and to continue the program into the future.” Boul Juuk, SSSEPASA Chairperson.

Learning the skills to succeed

One course participant came to Australia in 2005 via a refugee camp in Africa. She’d had no formal education above year four and limited English-language skills. After arriving in Australia, she completed a Certificate II and III in written and spoken English and started looking for employment.

After many years without success in her job-hunting, she learnt about and enrolled in the SSSEPASA program. Following intensive support from program volunteers she was able to obtain paid employment. She’s since stated that she’s proud of herself, is enjoying her new job and is happy to report that she now feels like a productive member of Australian society.

Providing hope

Another participant of the program was living temporarily in a friend’s garage due to family breakdown. He’d been unemployed for three months and was feeling stressed and without hope.

On hearing that the SSSEPESA program helped people learn the skills needed to get work, he approached the centre and asked for support. Volunteers assisted him with updating his resume and with online job searches and applications.

With the intense support that SSSEPASA provided, this participant gained full-time employment in a timber factory and is settling well into the job.

“If not because of your support, I would have been homeless and unemployed” he told volunteers. “I was stressed and I gave up hope, but you give me hope."

 We’re pleased to have supported SSSEPASA establish this valuable project. We wish the participants well in their endeavours.

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