Life Skills to Employment
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Life Skills to Employment

Since 2005, Fitted for Work (FFW) has helped over 6,500 women. The LUCRF Super Community Program has provided FFW Parramatta, NSW with support to deliver the Life Skills program.

Fitted for Work
Life Skills to Employment:
Jul 2012 - Jun 2013

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Fitted for Work Ltd is an innovative not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to help women experiencing disadvantage get work and keep it. It provides free services including mentoring, interview preparation, personal outfitting, work experience and a range of transition to work and staying employed programs.

The program is a positive intervention, designed to support women who are experiencing disadvantage and multiple barriers to employment. It helps them develop the necessary skills to undertake employment and/or further training opportunities.

Life Skills is unique in that it not only provides participants with practical skills, but places significant emphasis on developing confidence and self-esteem in a caring and supportive environment.

In addition, each participant accesses the FFW Personal Dressing Service where they are outfitted in interview-appropriate clothing and undergo intensive interview training.

Reem’s story

When Reem came to Australia from Iran she was very modest about her potential to find work in her new country. She asked Fitted for Work for help in preparing her resume with the hope of gaining a clerical job.

During her one-on-one career-coaching session, however, it came to light that Reem is a qualified Creative Arts Teacher and held a number of qualifications. Through FFW, Reem was matched with a mentor who was a teacher herself. She assisted Reem in gaining full-time employment with the Department of Education.

Nidhi’s story

Nidhi came to Australia from India with a Master’s degree in human resources. When she visited FFW she was allocated a mentor who helped her understand the Australian working culture, refine her interviewing skills and make improvements to her resume. Nidhi is currently gaining work experience as a volunteer with Mission Australia while studying human resources at TAFE.  

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