Cultural Identity
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Cultural Identity

Pacific Unity brings communities together through celebrations of culture and diversity.

Pacific Unity Qld
Cultural Identity
Jun 2016 - Sept 2017

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Pacific Unity Qld Inc. aims to raise awareness by sharing the diversity of the people, businesses and cultural practices of South Pacific communities through traditional and contemporary performances, food, music, market stalls, arts, community service stalls and sports.


In 2017, we proudly supported Pacific Unity’s Cultural Identity project which offers a cultural education and engagement program to Pacific, Indigenous and Maori students attending secondary schools throughout the Logan region in Queensland through their Natural Flavours competition.

The project aims to reconnect students to their cultural heritage and teach the importance and beauty of traditions that have evolved over time to create who they are today. A key focus of the program is leadership and mentoring.

Over 300 students and ten schools who participated in the program were invited to perform at the Pacific Unity festival.

“If we want Natural Flavours to be successful,” explains Lee Hemi, president of Pacific Unity, “the kids have to understand the cultural significance of their performances. So we included cultural tutors in the program who helped the kids with their confidence while making sure that their work was culturally appropriate.”Pacific Unity QLD

The festival attracted more than 7,000 people, its largest crowd yet. Organisers point to Natural Flavours as playing a major role in the festival’s increasing popularity and acknowledge that without the support of the LUCRF Super Community Program, the cultural identity project would not have been possible.

Pacific Unity wants to build on the good work resulting from the Logan–based program and reach into other Brisbane suburbs. “We’ve been approached by various partners and sponsors who want to support the program,” Lee says. “They’ve loved the concept and want to do what they can to help develop and grow the initiative for the future.”

We’re proud to support Natural Flavours and the great work that Pacific Unity is doing in Queensland secondary schools.

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