Horn of Africa Famine Appeal
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Horn of Africa Famine Appeal

The LUCRF Super Community Program responded to an urgent call for help to assist Save the Children with its Horn of Africa Famine Appeal.

Horn of Africa Famine Appeal:
Nov 2011

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Save the Children is one of Australia's largest aid and development agencies dedicated to helping children, protecting them from harm and helping them access quality education and health services.

East Africa, an area encompassing Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, recently experienced its worst drought in 60 years. More than six million children faced starvation. Babies and children at the Save the Children-supported health clinic in Kenya suffered from malnutrition, dehydration and medical complications such as pneumonia.Save the Children Horn of Africa Famine Appeal

Not only is there a shortage of food and clean drinking water in the area, but there is a lack of understanding and knowledge among locals in relation to diet and nutrition, particularly when it comes to infants. Save the Children has provided local families with the support of nutritionists and community mobilisers. These specialists visit at-risk families daily to educate them about the importance of good nutrition, focusing on the need for mothers to exclusively breastfeed their young babies.

In addition to providing basic healthcare to those in the region, Save the Children continues to provide food, clean drinking water and financial assistance to those in need.

The Community Program contributed $50,000 to the appeal, an amount which was matched dollar for dollar by a federal government scheme on offer at the time. Save the Children helped over one million East Africans severely affected by the drought.

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