Professional and Personal Development Program
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Professional and Personal Development Program

SERO4 is a not-for-profit company established in 2013 to develop ways to change social problems such as domestic and family violence and its consequences on individuals, families, service systems and communities.

Professional and Personal Development Program:
Jul 2015 - May 2016

Partner profile

SERO4 Limited works to improve the physical and mental health of women affected by domestic violence and to address the associated poverty and unemployment. They provide intervention and education services to vulnerable and disadvantaged women whose needs are often not addressed in mainstream care.

The LUCRF Super Community Program has been privileged to support the SERO4 Professional and Personal Development Program during 2015/16. In partnership with the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast (DVPCGC), they delivered an innovative professional and personal development program for women who had experienced domestic and family violence and were trying to move forward. 

Four programs each running over 10 weeks, the program's aim was to help women plan their career, build employability skills and link them to existing support services. Mentoring and individualised support was given to help them realise and achieve their goals. 

Delivered in a group setting the training provided women with the opportunity to learn new skills and increase their social and emotional support networks, in a learning environment free of judgement or fear.

The groups had a high number of culturally and linguistically diverse women which brought a number of challenges and rewards. There were a lot of laughs and there were many tears. Through it all, participants feel they have increased their skills, knowledge and connection with others. The program made a real difference to the lives of these women and is now being used in other situations where programs are needed to support, train and develop the social and financial independence of women and their children, recovering from domestic and family violence situations.

Success stories

  • Three women have enrolled into a Certificate 3 course
  • Two women were offered better positions within their existing workplaces
  • Three women commenced voluntary work
  • One woman obtained her learner permit without the support of an interpreter which she attributes to her increased confidence
  • One participant returned to co-facilitate other workshops
  • Four women completed The Smith Family’s MoneyMinded Train the Trainer program and two of them have already co-facilitated the financial literacy workshop for the other LEAP participants 
  • Women formed a social support and networking group, organising outings and weekly catch-ups
  • Women meet fortnightly in the DVPCGC’s office to further develop some of their small business ideas.

Quotes from program attendees:

“I am ready to stand of my own two feet”

“I feel better equipped to go after my dream career”

"I am feeling appreciated”

“This is the first time I feel I have friends”

“My future is coming along and it’s full of unconditional love and success”

"Thank you for the opportunity to move on into the future with a feeling of hope”

“Thank you to everyone; I feel good when I come here."

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