Enhanced Medical Services

Youth Projects
Enhanced Medical Services
Sep 2010 - Aug 2011

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Youth Projects Limited provides health, outreach, community, employment, education and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness or drug and alcohol related issues.

Youth Projects’ Living Room program provides free healthcare and support to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, disadvantaged or marginalised and who have complex healthcare needs.

The Living Room provides free, confidential and non-judgmental support with a focus on harm minimisation and education. It gives participants access to:

  • Health care and care plans 
  • Shower and laundry facilities
  • Food and material aid
  • Phone, internet and mail services
  • Housing support and referrals
  • Legal support
  • Contraception
  • Counselling
  • Podiatry
  • Nutrition advice, and
  • Art therapy.

The LUCRF Super Community Program supported the Living Room by providing funding for an additional female general practitioner, Dr Monagle. A one-of-a-kind initiative in Melbourne’s CBD, the program offered those who are underprivileged the opportunity to have an extended consultation addressing their complex medical needs.

As a result of our support, the extended consultations had:

  • Significantly enhanced the accessibility of quality health care to this group
  • Encouraged a higher number of underprivileged patients to seek help
  • Increased loyalty between patients, the Living Room and the new GP
  • Encouraged patients to refer family and friends to the service, and
  • Provided much needed help to people with serious mental health issues.

Steve’s story

After battling substance abuse and homelessness for a number of years, Steve attended the Living Room clinic seeking help for a range of different health problems including a staph infection, heroin addiction, Hepatitis C, problems with his feet and dental issues. After several extended consultations with Dr Monagle and the implementation of a care plan, Steve’s health significantly improved and he is no longer using illicit substances.

Based on the success of the Living Room project, the Community Program went on to support Youth Projects’ ‘Street Psych’ project in 2012. 

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