How LUCRF Clearing House can help

We work closely with employers to make sure that your data and payment processes comply with the latest ATO SuperStream standards.

Latest SuperStream standards? What will that mean to my business?

Superannuation contributions must now be paid electronically and your data must meet the ATO requirements. 

Once you have collected this information, your payroll records will need to be updated if and when employee details change.

Will SuperStream affect my BAU?

Once your systems are in place, your contributions process should actually improve.

Contributions can now be made in a single transaction, even if payments are being made to multiple super funds. This makes for a leaner, more efficient process.

That said, the SuperStream reform has created a new set of requirements that employers will need to satisfy or face ATO penalties.

But I’m already up to my elbows in work! 

We can help.

By engaging the LUCRF Clearing House service, your business will comfortably satisfy the ATO’s requirements. 

You supply us with your contributions file and we take care of the rest. 

When does SuperStream come into play?

For large employers, it already has.

If you’re a smaller business that employs fewer than 20 staff, you’ll need to become SuperStream compliant by 28 October 2016.

Can I use it free of charge?

Any employer who has nominated LUCRF Super as their default fund can use our clearing house free of charge.

When can I start?

Call 1300 130 780 to speak with one of our clearing house team members or email us at

Why use the LUCRF Clearing House?

  • It’s secure and complies with the ATO SuperStream standard          
  • It’s free of charge if we are your default fund
  • You can rely on our in-house team
  • It’s quick, efficient and reliable
  • Only one data file is required


Unique superannuation identifier, or USI for short, identifies the specific superannuation product for an employee contribution. It helps ensure contribtutions gets to the right destination.

For employees who are LUCRF Super members, the USI is LUC0001AU.

For employees who belong to other super funds, please refer to the Australian Taxation Office's look-up table.

View LUCRF Clearing House requirements here.