Frequently asked questions

Why is my insurance cover changing?

In the past, all our members paid the same premium as each other, regardless of their age and circumstances. Now, our premiums and cover reflect individual ages and circumstances in recognition that everyone has different requirements.

You can decide what level of insurance cover you want. You can review, vary or cancel your insurance cover at any time, if your circumstances change. If you want to tailor your insurance cover to your specific needs, then head to the insurance cover calculator on our website where you can estimate what you may need later in life.

I'm under 33 and want to keep my current cover, what do I do?

If you're under 33 and want to keep your Fixed Premium cover, you need to contact us by 31 May 2019. If we don't hear from you, you will automatically move to our new lower level of cover.

How will the age-based approach benefit me now that I'm paying higher premiums, yet my cover has been reduced?

The level and cost of your insurance cover will change, depending on your age. You'll have lower levels of cover when you're likely to need it the least (for example, when you're young or you're nearing retirement), and higher levels of cover when you're likely to need it the most (such as when you have a mortgage or have children living at home).

When does the cover start?

Default cover starts on whichever is the latest of the following:

  • the date you commenced work with your employer
  • the first day of the period for which the first contribution is paid by your employer into your super account.

Voluntary cover starts once we’ve assessed and accepted your application. While we’re assessing your application for voluntary cover, interim accidental cover applies. This means you may be covered for the amounts applied for, subject to the maximum limit of $2 million, should you suffer an accident.

The following situations are not accidents, and any claims arising from these situations are excluded:

  • where one or more of the following was a contributing cause of injury or death:
    • illness
    • disease
    • allergy
    • any gradual onset of a physical or mental infirmity
  • where the injury or death was the result of an intentional act or omission of the insured member
  • where the insured member was injured or died as a result of an activity in respect of which they assumed the risk or courted disaster, irrespective of whether they intended injury or death.

When does cover stop?

Your insurance cover will stop:

  • if your membership ceases
  • if you write to us to cancel your cover (cover is cancelled from the date your request is received)
  • on the last day of the month where there is not enough money in your account to cover the premium payment for you during that month
  • on the day the insurer approves a terminal illness benefit for an amount equal to your Death cover
  • when you reach the benefit expiry age (70 years for Death & TPD insurance)
  • for TPD on the date a TPD benefit is approved.
  • for Death, the date of death (note that if the Death sum insured is greater than the TPD sum insured and a TPD benefit is paid, the difference between the TPD sum insured and the Death sum insured will continue as Death Only cover)
  • if no formal notification is received of ‘employer-approved’ leave (as defined by the insurer) in excess of 24 months
  • if you’re not an Australian resident:
    • 31 days after the date you no longer hold a visa
    • 90 days after you depart Australia (where you continue to permanently reside in Australia), or
    • 31 days after you depart Australia (where you no longer permanently reside in Australia)
  • if you commence active service with the armed forces of any country, or, if you’re a member of the Defence Force Reserve, the date you become the subject of a call-out order.

What happens to my insurance cover if I am employed overseas?

If you are an Australian resident, your cover will continue until it otherwise ceases (see 'when does cover cease?' above).

If you are not an Australian resident, but you hold a visa and your permanent place of residence is Australia, your cover will continue for a period of up to 90 days from the date you depart Australia.


If you are not an Australian resident, but you hold a visa and your permanent place of residence is not Australia, your cover will continue for a period of 31 days after the date you depart Australia.

Is my insurance cover affected if I am a citizen of New Zealand?

No. For insurance purposes, all citizens of New Zealand are recognised as citizens of Australia.

What happens to my insurance cover if I go on unpaid leave?

This depends upon the type and duration of your unpaid leave. Please contact us before you commence any unpaid leave that exceeds three months. Your employer should record the date your leave is to start and the date it's expected to end.

What are my insurance options if I had previously lodged a TPD Claim?

If you have previously lodged a claim for Total & Permanent Disablement, through any previous super fund or insurer, you will be limited to 1 unit of Death Only cover.

Should you wish to obtain any higher cover, you will need to complete a OnePath Personal Statement and any other requirements which will be reviewed by the insurer. The OnePath Personal Statement can be found in Related content.

Please note: The amount of Insurance cover applied to your account or detailed on your statement is not guaranteed and is subject to you meeting the policy conditions and providing correct personal details.

What happens if I am a LUCRF Super member and have not made an insurance choice?

LUCRF Super will allocate 1 unit of Light Blue Fixed Premium Death and TPD as the default cover for any member who is between 14 and 70 years of age and has joined after 1 April 2006 (excluding Personal Plan and LUCRF Pension members), subject to meeting additional eligibility criteria.

This cover will continue until you decide to request its cancellation in writing, you are in excess of the age limits, your account balance has insufficient funds to cover the cost of insurance premiums or you close your LUCRF Super account.

The default cover will also be allocated where a member fails to complete a Member Insurance Election Form (and the Fund receives a contribution or membership application with no Insurance Election Form).

You can elect to change your default cover on a Member Insurance Election Form from 1 unit of Death & TPD cover to either a maximum of 4 units of Death & TPD cover or a maximum of 6 units of Death Only cover within 90 days of becoming eligible for cover. Please note that if you choose to increase your Death Only cover, your TPD cover will cease from the date your application is accepted. After 90 days, you will need to apply for increased cover using the Member Insurance Election Form and/or OnePath Personal Statement (see Related content).

What happens if I am a Personal Plan member (who joins LUCRF Super without a contributing employer) and have not applied for an insurance choice?

In the event of Death or TPD, only your superannuation account balance will be payable. Personal Plan members may apply for insurance by completing a Personal Plan Member Insurance Election Form and a OnePath Personal Statement and be approved in writing for coverage.

Please note: You may be requested to provide further medical evidence or attend a medical examination if required by our group insurer.

What happens to my Death & TPD insurance when I cease work?

Your insurance cover will continue after you cease employment for as long as your account has sufficient funds for the relevant premiums to be deducted and you are within the age limits and policy conditions.

What happens to my insurance when I close my account?

When you close your account your insurance cover ceases.

You have the option to convert your insurance cover to an individual contract with the insurer providing that a written application is received by the insurer and the first insurance premium is paid within 60 days of closing your account with the Fund.

What happens to my Death & TPD insurance cover if I am a casual worker?

Your insurance cover continues for as long as the value of your account is sufficient for the relevant premium to be deducted and you are within the age limits and policy conditions.

Want to know more?

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