Making an insurance claim
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Making an insurance claim

Whether it’s you or your family who needs to make a claim, we’re here to help.

You may have a claim if you’re:

  • a loved one of an insured member who has recently passed away, or
  • a currently insured member who has recently experienced an injury or illness.

How to claim

Call us on 1300 130 780. We'll explain what's involved and walk you through the steps. We’ll also send you the relevant forms and paperwork. We're here to help make your experience as smooth as possible from start to finish. 

What happens when you make a claim?

Once you've sent us your completed claim form(s) and supporting documents, we'll make sure they're correct and then send everything to our insurer for them to complete their assessment.

What to expect

  1. Complete your application

    Make sure you include all the necessary medical evidence and other supporting documents outlined in the claim.

  2. We’ll double check it

    We'll make sure you've provided everything the insurer generally needs.

  3. Your claim will be assessed 

    You may be asked for additional documentation or information at this time.

  4. A decision will be made

    Our insurer will advise us of the outcome of your claim.

  5. We do our own review

    We’ll review the insurer’s decision as it’s our responsibility to put you first. We’ll let you know the outcome and next steps.

Need help with your claim?

Contact us for assistance.

Get in touch

Insurance cover is provided by OnePath Life Limited ABN 33 009 657 176 AFSL 238 341 (“OnePath”) and subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policies issued by OnePath.

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