MySuper Balanced Dashboard

Please note: Our MySuper Balanced (default) product has not met the performance requirement in the APRA Annual Performance Assessment for the period ending 30 June 2021. Learn more

MySuper Balanced Dashboard

This dashboard is set up to provide you with all the information on LUCRF Super's MySuper Balanced (default) option. Use it to compare our MySuper product with other MySuper products.

The return, return target and fee data have been calculated for a member with an account balance of $50,000.

Return target

Return target of 2.26% above inflation per year over the next 10 years (after fees and taxes). 

Future returns can't be guaranteed though and this is just a prediction.


10-year moving average return of 7.73% as at 30 June 2021.

Comparison between return target and return (as at 30 June)

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Returns are shown net of tax, investment charges and administration cost. Returns displayed are not the same or equivalent to investment returns allocated to your account during the periods shown.

Level of investment risk


Expected frequency of negative annual returns in any 20-year period: Approx 4.5 

The higher the expected return target, the more often you would expect a year of negative returns.

Statement of fees and other costs

$423.00 per year 

About MySuper Balanced

Our MySuper Balanced investment option is invested and managed with a strategy of providing long-term growth above the rate of inflation.

Most of our members are invested in this as it’s the default option.

Although past performance is not a guarantee of future investment returns, past performance indicates that despite market ups and downs, our MySuper Balanced option has provided a healthy long-term return.

All figures have been calculated in accordance with regulatory requirements. The information in this dashboard will change from time to time.

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