MySuper Balanced Dashboard

Return target

Return target of 2.98% per year above inflation (based on a $50,000 member balance) net of tax, investment expenses and administration cost over the next 10 years. Future returns cannot be guaranteed. This is a prediction.


10 year moving average return of 5.64% as at 30 June 2018.

My Super dashboard
Past performance is not an indication of future performance.
*Based on a $50,000 member balance. Returns displayed are not the same or equivalent to investment returns allocated to your account during the periods shown.

Level of investment risk

Medium to High. Negative returns expected approximately 3.5 out of every 20 years.
The higher the expected return target, the more often you would expect a year of negative returns.

Statement of fees and other costs

The net (after-tax) amount a member with a $50,000 balance actually pays is $488 ($574 before tax).

About MySuper Balanced

Our MySuper Balanced investment option is invested and managed with a strategy of providing long-term growth above the rate of inflation.

This is our default investment option, where your superannuation is automatically invested unless you notify us of your own investment choice.

Although past performance is not a guarantee of future investment returns, history shows that despite market fluctuations, our MySuper Balanced option has provided a healthy long-term return. 

All figures have been calculated in accordance with regulatory requirements.  The information in this dashboard will change from time to time.