Investments overview
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Investments overview

Super is likely to be one of the biggest financial assets you’ll own, and we invest it carefully to deliver solid long-term investment returns for you.

Invest in your financial future

We offer a range of different investment options for you to choose from, including our MySuper Balanced (default) option for new members who don't choose their own.

What are investment options?

An investment option is designed to deliver a return for you. It’s made up of different types of asset classes and has its own investment strategy and levels of risk.

A conservative option might invest more in assets with less risk such as cash or government bonds. A higher growth option might invest more in assets such as shares and property and may experience more volatility (ups and downs) in the short term. 

As super is a long-term game, you can choose to be invested in one or a combination of options at different stages of your life to suit your age and risk appetite. 

Our performance

With over 40 years’ experience, we deliver solid long-term investment success.

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We invest responsibly 

We use our voting power to make a positive difference to the industries we invest in. 

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Our investment managers

We partner with specialist investment managers, advisers and consultants to manage the performance of your assets. 

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Change your investment options

If you’d like to make a change, talk to us. It’s easy to do.

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Our competitive fees

This table shows how fees can affect your super balance over a one-year period. You can use this table to compare our MySuper Balanced product with other super products

Our mysuper balanced option

Our feesbased on an account balance of $50,000
Investment fee0.25% (net of tax)For every $50,000 you have in the Balanced option, $1251 will be deducted each year.
Plus administration fee$1.50 per week plus 0.18% per year of your account balance. You'll be charged $1681 in administration fees.
Plus indirect costs for the MySuper Balanced investment option0.30% per year$150 will be incurred in your investment before investment earnings are received. 
Equals cost of product1$4432 for one year based on a starting balance of $50,000 invested in the MySuper Balanced option.


Thought about doing it yourself?

Read our guide to Self-managed super funds (SMSFs)

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How much will you have in retirement?

As a result of tax rebates credited to your account, the 'cost of product' in this table is shown as $443 over a one-year period. Additional fees may apply. 

You should read the important information on fees and costs before making a final decision. Please refer to our Fees and Costs booklet. The information relating to fees may change between the time that you read this document and when you acquire the product.

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