Make an investment change
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Make an investment change

You always have the option to change how your super’s invested to suit your needs.

It’s easy to change your investment options. 

You can do it through Members Online or you can download and complete this form.

Considerations when changing

Since it’s likely to be one of the biggest financial assets you’ll own, it’s important to carefully consider any changes to your investment options. Changing your options can affect your investment returns and retirement savings so you should consider the following before making a switch.

  • Your age.
  • Your account balance. 
  • Your lifestyle and retirement income goals. 
  • Your risk appetite (are you comfortable taking risks or do you prefer a conservative approach).
  • Your investment timeframe. 

Not sure about your investment choices?

To help you make an investment choice that meets your financial needs, you can complete our Investment Profile Questionnaire.


Speak to one of our experienced advisers.

They'll help you understand your risk profile and the best long-term investment strategy for you.

Request a callback

Before making a change

  • Consider getting financial advice at no extra cost. Advice about your super is included in your membership fees.
  • Read the investment guide.
  • Learn more about unit prices and investment returns here
  • Changing investment options during times of market volatility may result in a loss, as investment returns (positive or negative) are ‘locked-in’ once a change is made

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