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Please note: Our MySuper Balanced (default) product has not met the performance requirement in the APRA Annual Performance Assessment for the period ending 30 June 2021. Learn more.

All figures are correct as at date of publishing (1 October 2021) and are subject to change.
Past investment performance is not a reliable indicator of future investment performance.
See investment performance across all time periods and investment options here.
Inception dates: MySuper Balanced (default) 01/07/13 (and for the Balanced option prior to that which was the default option and had substantially the same asset allocation since 19/12/78). High Growth 01/09/10. Moderate 01/09/10. Conservative 01/09/10. Australian Shares (active) 22/07/05. International Shares (active) 22/07/05. Property 22/07/05. Cash 01/07/00. Indexed Balanced 08/10/20. Australian Shares (indexed) 08/10/20. International Shares (indexed) 08/10/20.
Investment fees cover investment management, asset custody, and other related costs and are deducted from investments before returns are applied to your account. Investment fees are regularly reviewed and may change from time to time. Other fees and costs apply.
The Indirect cost ratio (ICR) represents estimated costs incurred by the Fund's investment managers and deducted before investment earnings of each option are received. They take into account the Fund's experience in the last financial year. They are not deducted from your account or from the Fund's assets. Other fees and costs apply.
We constantly monitor and assess the asset allocation for each investment option and make changes where appropriate without prior notice.
We may alter, add, remove or close investment options from time to time without prior notice.

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