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When you join us, you’re automatically invested in the MySuper Balanced option. You can either stay with this or choose from the options below.

Choose your own

You can also select one or more of our 11 different investment options. Each has different levels of risk and is made up of different assets such as property and shares.

Let us do the heavy lifting with our MySuper Balanced option

Our MySuper Balanced (default) option has been carefully designed for members who don’t select an investment option. 

  • 7.73 % average annual return over the last ten years

  • 18.33% return for the year to 30 June 2021.

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Changes to investment options.

We may alter, add, remove or close investment options from time to time without prior notice.

Changes to asset allocations.

We constantly monitor and assess the asset allocation for each investment option and make changes where appropriate without prior notice.


The money invested in your cash option is invested in ME Bank deposits, up to the limit as specified in the Financial Claims Scheme (which, as at 1 October 2019, is $250,000). The amount above this level is invested in highly rated cash management trusts.

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Past investment performance is not a reliable indicator of future investment performance.

See investment performance across all time periods and investment options here.

Returns for the MySuper Balanced option are since inception on 1 July 2013 and for the Balanced option prior to that which was the default option and had substantially the same asset allocation since 19 December 1978.

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