Get more from your super

Get more from your super

Easy steps today, more from your super tomorrow.

Got 5 minutes?

We've put together a few simple steps that could get your super in better shape.

1. See how much super you have

Understanding how much super you have is important for two reasons. First to see how your super is growing and secondly to make sure your employer's contributions are being paid regularly.

You can keep track of how much super you have and your contributions using our app. Download to your mobile and login using your member details. Don't know your member number? Retrieve it online

2. Find out what type of investor you are

When you join us, you’re automatically invested in the MySuper Balanced option. You can stick with this option or make your own choice. You can choose one or more of our 11 different investment options. Each has different levels of risk and is made up of different assets such as property and shares. 

Take our investment profile questionnaire and find out which investment options could be suitable for you.

Get your results now (answer five easy questions) 

3. Decide who gets your super when you die

You can nominate who gets your super when you die, these are called beneficiaries. Otherwise, we'll decide who gets your super which may not reflect your wishes. 

Nominate your preferred beneficiaries (non-binding) online via Members Online. This will be used as a guide when deciding who'll get your super. If you’d like more certainty about who gets your super, you can make a binding nomination. This means we must pay your balance to your chosen beneficiaries. To learn more, including how to make a binding nomination, click here.

Registering for Members Online is easy and can be completed using your member details.

Don't know your member number? Retrieve it online.

4. See if you have the right amount of insurance cover

Eligible new members receive a default level of Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) automatic insurance cover, when you join through your employer.

This default cover has been designed to meet most members basic needs, but may not suit your personal circumstances. 

Use our handy calculator to help you determine the right amount for you.

Calculate now

5. Find your lost super

If you've ever changed jobs or even just your address, you might have lost or inactive super accounts out there. The good news is that it's easy to find!

You can find your lost super through myGov

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) SuperMatch service is currently undergoing maintenance and is unavailable. Normally SuperMatch allows us to search for your other accounts and combine them instantly.
You can still find and consolidate your super through myGov.  

6. Add a little extra now, make a big difference later

Employers are generally required to pay 10% of your wages into your super. You can also make extra contributions into your super and grow your balance even more.

There are a number of ways you can contribute which may suit you at different times in your life.

  • Salary sacrifice
  • Personal contributions
  • Spouse contributions 
  • Government co-contributions 
Learn more about each type and how you can start contributing here.

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