A new brand, a new email

You may have noticed that we’ve recently made some changes to our brand look and feel. And we’ve also upgraded our email.

Previously you would have received emails about your account, benefits and helpful tips from @email.lucrf.com.au. Now you’ll receive emails from @web.lucrf.com.au. We’re simply using a new and improved email provider to send communications to you.

What does this mean for you?

We’ll still be sending you emails. But because we’ve made this change, our emails may go to your Spam or Junk folder, instead of directly to your inbox because your inbox may not recognise us.

All you need to do is mark one of our emails as ‘not junk’. This tells whichever email provider you use (whether that’s Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or another) that you don’t consider this email spam.

Anything else?

Nope that’s it! We’ll continue to send you communications we think you’ll find helpful including our monthly Member News and changes you can make to your super account that can help you get more from your super.

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