Changes to inactive accounts

Significant Event Notice (SEN)

August 2018

August 2018 - eligible rollover fund

AUSfund is an eligible rollover fund that can receive benefits from other super funds for members with inactive accounts.

Significant Event Notice

We may transfer your account to AUSfund if your account*:

  • has a balance under $6,000, and
  • hasn't received a contribution for at least 16 months.

If your account is transferred to AUSfund, you'll no longer be a member of LUCRF Super, and any insurance you had with us will cease. You can contact AUSfund at the following: AUSfund, locked bag 5132, Parramatta NSW 2124. Phone: 1300 361 798. Email: *The conditions of inactive accounts may be subject to change.


Member statements Aug 2018 

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