Insurance options

Insurance through your super account can provide you and your loved ones with greater financial security in the event of your death, terminal illness or a disabling injury or illness.

The information below aims to provide you with an understanding of our insurance offering and conditions of eligibility, some potential issues that may have affected your insurance historically and possible options available to you now.

What insurance cover do we offer?

We offer the following types of insurance cover to our members:

  • Death & Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)
  • Death Only
  • Income Protection.

Learn more about the different types of cover available, and how you can apply for or change your cover.

Full details about the cover we offer, is also available in our Insurance Guide.

You can also conduct a full super health check by following six simple steps.

What insurance are you eligible for?

To get insurance cover, you need to meet certain conditions depending on the type of cover and the way that cover is provided. 

Default insurance cover

We provide default Death & TPD insurance* cover for members who join and meet the eligibility criteria. There are two ways default cover can be provided – automatic and elected.

Automatic default cover

Automatic default cover is applied to your LUCRF Super account when you join if:

  • you're working
  • you have an employer who pays Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions into your LUCRF Super account
  • your account has had no previous insurance cover
  • you haven’t told us that you elect not to have insurance cover on your account, i.e. you ‘opt out’ of insurance cover, and
  • you’re 25 years or older and your account balance has reached $6,000.^

Elected default cover*

If you’re not eligible for automatic default cover, you may elect to receive the default cover within 90 days of the issue date of your welcome letter if:

  • you’re working
  • you have an employer who pays Superannuation Guarantee contributions into your LUCRF Super account, and
  • you’re under 25 or have an account balance less than $6,000.

 You’ll be assessed on your eligibility for this cover when you apply.

 ^ This condition only applied to members who joined LUCRF Super on or after 1 April 2020 due to the introduction of the Federal Government’s Putting Members’ Interests First (PMIF) reforms.

* Default Income Protection insurance is available to permanent employees of Woolworths NSW.

Choose your own cover

You can choose your own insurance cover by submitting an application form. You can also apply to increase, reduce, convert or cancel your cover at any time.

Your application for cover will be assessed for eligibility before it’s accepted.

For more information about insurance eligibility please see our Insurance Guide.

Potential issues that may have affected your insurance

We’re currently conducting a comprehensive review of our insurance as we believe there may have been some unintentional issues that could have affected some members historically.

These issues may include members:

  • Getting automatic default insurance when they weren’t eligible to receive it
  • Not getting automatic default insurance when they were eligible to receive it
  • Not having their cover stopped or started on the correct dates
  • Not getting the correct level of insurance cover, based on their age, work category and type of insurance 
  • Being over-charged or under-charged insurance premium
  • Having their insurance cover incorrectly disclosed, for example, on annual statements, welcome letters, benefit estimates and via Members Online.

If we find that your current or previous LUCRF Super accounts are affected by any potential insurance issues, we’ll notify you in writing as soon as possible. We’ll let you know:

  • What the issue is 
  • How your insurance was affected, for example, the cover amount, premiums, etc.
  • What we’re doing to fix it and the options available to you

The intended outcome from our insurance review is to return all members to the position they should have been in had the error not occurred where appropriate and practical to do so and to make sure no LUCRF Super member is unfairly disadvantaged. 

What can you do about your insurance now?

You may have concerns about the insurance cover you have currently, including whether you’ll be covered if anything happens to you.

While we’re working hard to make sure your insurance has been previously applied correctly, there is always the opportunity to review your existing cover to make sure it meets your needs. 

  1. Check your annual statement at Members Online 
    Your latest annual statement will outline what insurance cover, if any, you may currently have listed on your LUCRF Super account. Log in to Members Online and select ‘My reports > My correspondence’. 
  2. Consider how much insurance cover you may need
    Use our online insurance calculator to see what cover you may need according to your personal circumstances..                 
  3. Speak to a LUCRF Super representative about your insurance needs
    A LUCRF Super representative can assist in helping you work out what your insurance needs may be, and how much cover may be appropriate.

    Our experienced team take the time to understand who you are and what’s important to you. They can guide you through your insurance cover and what it includes. Most importantly, our superannuation advice service is at no extra cost to members. 
  4. Apply for insurance cover
    You can apply for new insurance cover at any time, subject to terms and conditions, by downloading the applications forms on our website (see links below) or by calling us on 1300 130 780. For more information, please also read our Insurance Guide

Do you need some help understanding your options?

There’s a team of experts ready to guide you. Speak to one of our experienced financial advisers at no extra cost.

Request a call back
Insurance cover is provided by OnePath Life Limited ABN 33 009 657 176 AFSL 238 341 (“OnePath”) and subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policies issued by OnePath

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