Protecting your super (PYS)

Significant Event Notice (SEN)

September 2019

Protecting Your Super in a nutshell

The Federal Government’s Protecting Your Super (PYS) legislation came into effect on 1 July 2019 to protect Australians’ super savings from unnecessary erosion by fees and insurance costs. PYS introduced changes to the Australian superannuation system and included a requirement that insurance cover is no longer provided to members with inactive accounts, unless the member has elected to keep it. 

To ensure that we met our obligations under PYS, we’ve made the following changes to the insurance cover we offer to LUCRF Super members. 

Why could your cover be cancelled 

From 1 July 2019 onwards, your account will be considered inactive and your insurance cover will be cancelled if:

  • you have an account that hasn’t received an amount (such as a contribution or rollover) for 16 continuous months and 
  • you haven’t sent us an opt-in request using our Insurance Opt-in Form. 

When we’re considering if your account is inactive, we’ll take into account any period of inactivity that occurred prior to 1 July 2019. 

Already opted-in to keep your cover?

If you’ve already opted-in, then you don’t need to do anything further at this time. 

How to avoid your cover being cancelled

Avoid your cover being cancelled by completing the Insurance Opt-in Form and returning it to us. Your opt-in request will apply for as long as your account is open, or until you choose to cancel your insurance. 

Has your cover already been cancelled? Here’s how you can recommence it 

If your insurance cover is cancelled due to inactivity, you can apply to have it recommenced within 60 days from the date your cover is cancelled. The two steps generally required to apply to recommence your cover are: 

  1. Complete the relevant Application Form to Recommence Insurance Cover Cancelled due to the Protecting Your Super Package, available at, and send it to us, and 
  2. Make a contribution into your account (this condition does not apply to Pension account members). 

Please check your account balance as your account must also have sufficient funds to cover your next insurance premium. 

Recommencing your cover: within 60 days of inactivity 

If your cover is cancelled due to inactivity on or after 1 July 2019 and you wish to recommence your cover, the insurer will need proof that you’re currently ‘at work’. If you’re not ‘at work’ (as defined in the Insurance Guide) when you send us your application, you’ll only be covered for new events until you are ‘at work’ for 30 consecutive days. At this point your original cover will recommence. 

Once you’ve completed and sent us your application form, LUCRF Super will notify you that the recommencement of your cover has either been accepted or declined. If accepted, and you are not a Pension member, cover will start from the latter of when we receive your application form or when you’ve made a contribution into your account. If you are a Pension member and your application is accepted, cover will start from the date we receive your application form. This means that there will be a gap in cover from the date your cover was cancelled due to inactivity until the date your cover is recommenced. Any event that occurs during the gap in cover will not be covered.

There were two different Application Forms to Recommence Insurance Cover Cancelled due to inactivity on the LUCRF Super website, depending on when the cover was cancelled. If cover was cancelled on 1 July 2019 there was no requirement for the member to be ‘at work’ (this form is no longer available as 60 days has passed since 1 July 2019). However, you can find the Application Form to Recommence Insurance Cover Cancel after 1 July 2019 due to the Protecting Your Super Package on our website (this form does have a requirement for the member to be ‘at work’). 

  • Super account members who can’t make a contribution to their account within 60 days from the date their cover is cancelled won’t be able to recommence their cover in this way if it was cancelled due to inactivity. Members will need to re-apply for cover under the normal application process using our Insurance Election Form or Income Protection Form.
  • Pension account members don’t need to make a contribution to recommence cover (they only need to complete the applicable form).

Recommencing your cover: after 60 days of inactivity

Should you wish to recommence cover that was cancelled due to inactivity after 60 days, you may make an application using our Insurance Election Form or Income Protection Form available at Your request to recommence your cover will be subject to the insurer’s written acceptance. 

Important stuff to know 

  • Other terms and conditions apply to cover cancellation and recommencement. 
  • Please read the PDS and Insurance Guide available at for more information.

L.U.C.R.F Pty Ltd, ABN 18 005 502 090, AFSL 258481 (Trustee) is the trustee of the Labour Union Co-operative Retirement Fund, ABN 26 382 680 883 (LUCRF Super). This notice explains the changes that the Trustee has made to the insurance offered to members of LUCRF Super as a result of the introduction of the Federal Government’s Protecting Your Super (PYS) legislation from 1 July 2019. These changes affect how your cover may be cancelled or recommenced and are described in more detail in this Significant Event Notice (SEN). 

Please read the information in this SEN in conjunction with the latest Super Member Guide Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 1 July 2019 and the Insurance Guide dated 1 July 2019 (which forms part of the PDS) to understand how these changes affect your cover from 1 July 2019 onwards. These are available at 

The information in this SEN is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal financial situation, objectives or needs. General information is not advice. You should assess your personal financial situation and consider the appropriateness of the information in this SEN before making a decision to act on this information. 

Before making any decision about LUCRF Super, we recommend you obtain and consider the PDS and Financial Services Guide (FSG).

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