Brand LUCRF Super - it continues to evolve
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Brand LUCRF Super - it continues to evolve

Subtle yet significant. That’s how we’d describe the changes we’ve recently made to the LUCRF Super logo and branding.

All brands evolve, ours included. As a super fund, we're keeping up with new technologies and continually improving processes. We feel like we're progressing as a business and we want our brand to reflect that.  

What’s changed?

When it’s broken down, it’s essentially a new logo, colours and a refreshed design. But when used on our website, our letters to you, and any other place you see us, our logo stands bold. We’re proud of our history and we want to reflect our long heritage in serving our members. 

What’s not changed

Our commitment to great service and commitment to our members. As we evolve and grow, it’s important that we take our members along with us on our journey. As an industry super fund our focus remains on working for a better future for our members, regardless of the colours of our logo and brand.

We look forward to our improved and updated branding becoming more memorable to you.

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