Best of the Best award 2021
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Best of the Best award 2021

LUCRF Super’s Community Program has been recognised for its contribution to local communities.


'Best Innovation - Community Partnerships' for 2021


LUCRF Super’s Community Program has been recognised for its contribution to local communities by Money magazine by being awarded ‘Best Innovation – Community Partnerships’ for 2021.

The magazine’s annual awards recognise Australia’s best financial product and service providers. This year, Money magazine has included a new category “Best Innovation – Community Partnerships”, and LUCRF Super has been chosen in recognition of the way we communicate with and support our diverse membership .

We are honoured to be recognised in this year’s awards. Our Community Program is a unique initiative, which sits very close to the hearts of all involved with the Fund.

Charlie Donnelly, LUCRF Super CEO

When we started this initiative 10 years ago, we didn’t envision its growth and reach – and ultimately industry recognition. Although, in hindsight, it’s not surprising considering the positive impact the program has had on over 170,000 people since its inception," said Donnelly.

The LUCRF Super Community Program, which has been described as a “stunningly amazing program and warrants acknowledgement”, supports and enriches the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged by encouraging them to develop skills and attitudes that will assist them throughout their lives. Since 2010, the program has grown to include 36 partners across 44 projects.

LUCRF Super Community Program – what it stands for

The Community Program supports charities with what they do best. Our partner organisations provide valuable services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged to help them live with dignity, develop skills, build communities and access health services. 

We support partner organisations so they can continue to deliver programs that address the needs of communities in one of four focus areas:

  1. Basic needs: Our basic needs focus area addresses issues such as food access and homelessness.
  2. Community building: The community building focus area works to ensure community connectedness and integration, while supporting culture and heritage.
  3. Skills development: Our skills development focus area works to develop skills for education, employment and life.
  4. Health: Our health focus area addresses issues including service accessibility, addiction, obesity and peer support.

For more information on the LUCRF Super Community Program, its annual report, achievements and highlights, click here.

What is incredibly rewarding – and inspiring – is that our funded projects have proven to be sustainable, with a number of them continuing to evolve well after our financial support has ended

Charlie Donnelly, LUCRF Super CEO

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