Technology when it matters most
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Technology when it matters most

At LUCRF Super, we have been well positioned to respond to the sudden change in work processes, triggered by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The current situation highlights the fact that keeping up to date with technology is critical in maintaining business continuity in times of rapid change and uncertainty.

LUCRF Super’s CEO Charlie Donnelly emphasizes this: The safety of our staff and members is paramount. The technology we have in place enabled us to quickly respond to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating work-from-home operations supported by a range of communication technologies.

Minimal disruption has allowed us to continue to focus on helping members during this difficult time.

Charlie Donnelly - CEO, LUCRF Super

According to Carl Michael, Chief Technology Officer at LUCRF Super: “There has been ongoing focus on the use of technology for robust, sustainable and flexible digital operations, keeping security measures to protect member data and privacy at the forefront of our actions.

The investment we’ve made in our technology infrastructure meant we were able to quickly mobilise resources thereby enabling the majority of our staff to work from home. This allowed our focus to remain on member services rather than getting people connected in an out-of-office environment.”

LUCRF Super has worked closely with key technology partners to implement these cutting-edge solutions within the ISO 27,000 Information Security framework, of which LUCRF Super is certified. Effort continues to keep up with the ever-changing security environment, especially as criminals look to exploit the weary during times of uncertainty and distraction, says Carl.

Some of the technological innovations adopted by LUCRF Super that have made the transition for staff to work from home possible include:

Remote access

Remote desktop capability has enabled secure remote access to LUCRF Super workstations, from almost any hardware that has an internet connection. The ability to use personal hardware has accelerated the changeover to working from home, while our standard two-factor authentication continues to uphold our security protocols.


Configuration of the cloud-based telephone system has enabled call redirection to home and mobile phones for seamless remote operations, including all calls made to our call centre.

Group phone and video meetings

Communication tools such as MS Teams and Zoom have enabled easy conferencing of voice, video and desktop sharing.

Bulk SMS

The LUCRF Super SMS Portal has enabled us to bulk communicate with staff, members and employers when time is of the essence.

“Continuous business feedback has also been instrumental in this quick and successful change with least disruption,” concludes Carl.

Whether working in or out of the office, everyone at LUCRF Super is committed to adhering to our values and maintaining a ‘business as usual’ approach as much as possible to ensure our focus remains on putting members first.

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