Financial Counselling Referral Program

Financial Counselling Referral Program

Free and confidential financial counselling services are available for anyone experiencing financial difficulties.

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Working in your community

Free and confidential financial counselling services are available for anyone experiencing financial difficulties.

The waiting times to speak to a Financial Counsellor can be weeks. To enable more Australians to get access to these valuable services, our Community Program is providing funding to Uniting Vic.Tas and South East Community Links until mid-2021. 

Why would you use financial counselling? 

We’ve all had moments where we’ve needed help with our finances. COVID-19 has affected many Aussies in different ways and Government supports such as JobKeeper are coming to an end in March 2021. If you’re looking for help to stay on top of your finances now is a good time to reach out.

How do you get in touch with a financial counsellor? 

We’re pleased to offer members in need a referral that guarantees contact from one of our financial counselling partners within four business days. It’s a no obligation, free service. Complete the form by clicking the button below and someone will be in touch.

What is financial counselling?

Financial counselling is a free service where information and support is provided to people experiencing financial difficulties. Financial Counsellors are non-judgemental, qualified professionals who provide information, support and advocacy. Financial counsellors are trained to provide advice on a number of situations ranging from assessing your financial situation to assisting you with creditors and payment plans.

Financial Counsellors can:

  • Provide an independent assessment of your financial situation 
  • Work with you to prioritise your bills and debts 
  • Provide information on rules and laws about payment obligations 
  • Advise what creditors can and can’t do regarding your assets and property 
  • Assist you to negotiate with creditors and make payment plans
  • Assist with letters or legal documents 
  • Suggest options to deal with your debts including information on benefits and entitlements Provide referrals to other specialised services

Financial Counsellors won't:

  • Take over your finances 
  • Judge you on how you manage your money 
  • Offer investment advice 
  • Do tax returns 
  • Pay your bills 
  • Provide emergency relief or material aid

What should you expect

Financial Counsellors are there to assist you, so they will need to ask some questions to better understand your situation.

You can expect to receive respect, trust and compassion. You will not be judged. You can also expect that the information you receive will be from a qualified Financial Counsellor who adheres to industry standards. The Financial Counsellor will assess your needs and if they can’t assist you immediately over the phone, they will arrange a further phone call or face to face appointment depending on your situation.

What do you need to have ready?

When you talk with your Financial Counsellor it will help to have all your financial papers at hand, such as: 

  • Outstanding bills 
  • Demand letters 
  • Court orders 
  • Pay slips/Centrelink income statements 
  • Contracts 
  • Rent/mortgage amounts 
  • Bank statements 
  • Credit card statements

Your privacy is protected

We will not provide any of your superannuation information without your prior consent to the financial counselling services. The only personal information provided in the referral process is your name and contact details. We can also let them know if an interpreter is needed. The financial counselling services provide LUCRF Super with only anonymous, summarised data. Your private information discussed with your Financial Counsellor will not be shared with LUCRF Super. 

Uniting is the community services organisation of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania. Uniting (Victoria & Tasmania) Limited ABN 81 098 317 125. South East Community Links ABN: 72 45

If you don't wish to access this service, but would still like some assistance with your financial issues:

Contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007

Or visit the Australian Government's Money Smart website.

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