Super for jockeys

Super for jockeys

For more than 40 years, we've supported members and their communities. We'll continue to build a stronger super system and secure financial future for every member.

Want to become a LUCRF Super member?

It's easy to join. Simply join online.

If LUCRF Super is not your employer’s default fund, you’ll need to fill in this online form. We'll send you a completed Choice of Super Fund form to give to your employer.

Other forms you may need:

Need help finding your super?

If you’re already a LUCRF Super member, we can do a super search on your behalf and combine your funds into one LUCRF Super account. Start the process now.

Before combining your super you should check how it might affect your insurance in other funds and if there are any exit fees.

For further details, please read our jockey guides and member information below.

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