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LUCRF Super and AustralianSuper merger guide

The merged fund will continue to work for members, not shareholders, aiming to deliver strong, long-term investment returns and providing the tools and advice to help members build a better future.

Latest update: We’re merging with AustralianSuper

The Significant Event Notices (SENs) and Transfer Guides contain important details about changes to super and pension accounts when LUCRF Super merges with AustralianSuper on 3 June 2022.

Latest updates

Key dates for members and employers

Limited activity period

Members will be able to request account changes before the merger is completed on 3 June 2022, although certain activities will end earlier as we prepare for the final transfer of member accounts. The limited activity period details are available in the Significant Event Notice (SEN) and Transfer Guide for super and pension members.

Key dates

Date Event
From 11 April 2022 Members will receive a Significant Event Notice and Transfer Guide, with important information on what's changing and when.
20 April 2022 Employers will receive details of changes to clearing house and contribution processes.
20 May 2022 Limited Activity Period begins for certain activities.
27 May 2022
  • Final date for members and employers to make contributions.
  • QuickSuper clearing house access for employers will be removed.
2 June 2002 Your LUCRF Super account will close. Online account access via Members Online and the Mobile App will be removed.
3 June 2022 You'll become an AustralianSuper member.
6 June 2022 You will be able to contact AustralianSuper contact centre regarding your account (Your balance and financial transactions will be available on the AustralianSuper portal from mid-June 2022).
From mid-June 2022
  • You’ll receive your LUCRF Super exit statement.
  • You’ll receive your AustralianSuper Welcome pack which includes essential information about your new account.
  • Online account access will resume through AustralianSuper.

April 2022: We're merging with AustralianSuper

11 April 2022

On 3 June 2022 LUCRF Super and AustralianSuper will merge, automatically transferring all LUCRF Super members to AustralianSuper. Importantly:

  • Your LUCRF Super membership and your account will close on 2 June 2022
  • You’ll become an AustralianSuper member with a new super or pension account on 3 June 2022

Read more: Super members (SEN and Transfer Guide) 
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April 2022: Important information for employers

20 April 2022

There will be changes to the way you pay your employees super.

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April 2022: New Trustee Resilience Reserve (TRR)

11 April 2022

This notice explains the creation and funding of a new Trustee Resilience Reserve (TRR). The Trustee of LUCRF Super, L.U.C.R.F Pty Ltd (Trustee), considers the TRR necessary  to pay for any future penalty or infringement notice arising from changes to s.56 and s.57 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 that mean that the LUCRF Trustee can no longer be indemnified out of LUCRF Super assets.

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April 2022: Successor Fund Transfer Deed

11 April 2022
AustralianSuper and LUCRF Super have signed a Successor Fund Transfer Deed and are on track to successfully complete the final step in their merger that takes effect on 3 June 2022.
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March 2022: Temporary changes to our advice services

21 March 2022

From 2 April 2022 our advice services will transition to general advice only until our proposed merger with AustralianSuper is completed. Members will then have access to general and personal advice services through AustralianSuper.

Please note: There is a limited number of appointments available before 2 April 2022, and they’ll fill up fast. If you’d like to receive personal financial advice from one of our advisers, please request an appointment now or select a financial adviser to instantly book an appointment online. Bookings are not required for general advice.

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March 2022: New pension applications closing soon

21 March 2022

If you’re looking to open a pension account this financial year, the latest we can receive your application is 20 May 2022. After this date, you won’t be able to open a pension account until our proposed merger with AustralianSuper is completed.

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March 2022: New Trustee Resilience Reserve (TRR)

18 March 2022

The following information should be read in conjunction with:

  • Super Member Guide Product Disclosure Statement 1 October 2021; Section 6. Fees and Costs; Page 5
  • Super Member Guide Fees and Costs 1 October 2021
  • Pension Member Guide Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide 1 October 2021; Fees and costs; Pages 36-43.

Type of fee: An administration fee charged to establish and maintain a new Trustee Resilience Reserve (TRR). The TRR provides for any future penalty or infringement notice as a result of changes to s.56 and s.57 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, which came into effect as of 1 January 2022.

Amount: $5 Million (plus GST) or 0.08% of net assets of the Fund.

How and when paid: The fee is paid once, out of the existing Capital Adequacy Reserve in the Fund. It is not deducted directly from members’ accounts.

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What other important information do I need to know?

To learn more about AustralianSuper, including how to make the most of your new account after 3 June 2022, please visit the relevant section on the AustralianSuper website for members and employers

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This is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal financial situation, objectives or needs. AustralianSuper. AustralianSuper Pty Ltd (ABN 94 006 457 987) of Level 30, 130 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 (AustralianSuper Trustee) as trustee of AustralianSuper (ABN 65 714 394 898) (AustralianSuper). To help you decide if you wish to remain a LUCRF Super member on 27 May 2022 and so become an AustralianSuper member, we recommend you read AustralianSuper’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination issued by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd as product issuer and available at or by calling 1300 300 273 .

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