Our investment beliefs

Our investment beliefs are the philosophy we follow when we make investment decisions. We have 11 core investment beliefs that shape the way we manage your retirement savings. 

We review these beliefs from time to time to ensure we harness the best strategies for returns.

No.LUCRF Super Trustee investment beliefs
1.High quality governance of the investment process is critical to our success as a fund.
2.We will use our size and long-term investment time horizon to our members’ advantage when choosing investments.
3.We believe real long-term returns, net of fees and tax, are most important.  We also recognise that we operate in a competitive marketplace.
4.We believe that markets are relatively efficient over the long-term.
5.We recognise the need to take risk in a considered way to achieve our return objectives.  Risk is multi-faceted and will be taken when we think we will be appropriately rewarded.
6.We aim to achieve our long-term return targets over a range of market environments, and will consider opportunities to reduce downside risk when appropriate.
7.We believe that asset allocation dictates most of the return and volatility of returns, and we will utilise diversified strategic asset allocations to assist in risk management. 
8.We believe that dynamic asset allocation in a medium-term framework can help manage the impact of changes in expected risks and returns of the various asset classes.
9.We believe that environmental (including climate change), social and governance opportunities and risks exist and should be taken into consideration to the extent we can practically do so and within the context of optimising net risk-adjusted returns.
10.We believe that our investment activities can enhance the net risk-adjusted returns to members and support specific social factors that are a priority for our members.
11.We outsource our asset management to appropriately qualified investment managers. Whilst we believe that active managers can add value; net of fees, costs and tax; we will only appoint active managers where we have a high level of conviction in their ability to do so.


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