Fees and charges

Our low fees means more money to enjoy in your retirement.

When comparing super funds, it is important to consider fees and investment returns, as they could have a big impact on your final investment balance when you retire. Fortunately, we have a long history of strong returns and low fees.

The table below outlines costs that may apply when investing with us.

Type of fee or costAmount 1  

Administration fee
Deducted from your account balance every three months or on a pro-rata basis when you close your account.

TTR Pension $1.50 per week ($1.76 gross of tax) plus 0.18% (0.21% gross of tax) p.a. of your account balance

Retirement Pension $1.50 per week plus 0.18% p.a. of your account balance

Entry/establishment fee
The fee to open your account.
Withdrawal/termination fee
The fee on each amount you take out of your investment.
Contribution/transfer-in fee
The fee on each amount contributed to your account by you, your employer or a rollover from another fund.
Switching fee Nil
Investment fee
The fees and costs for managing your investment. They are deducted from the gross earnings of the fund (not your account).
The investment fee varies according to your investment choice.
Indirect cost ratio (ICR)                 
These are estimated costs incurred by the fund’s investment managers and deducted before investment earnings of each option are received. They take into account the fund’s experience in the last financial year. They are not deducted from your account or from the fund’s assets.
The ICR varies according to your investment choice.
Transactional and operational costs
These are costs incurred outside the fund relating to the underlying investment managers’ buying and selling of investments. They’re reflected in the calculation of unit prices. They’re not an additional cost to you because they’re reflected in our other fees and costs.
These costs vary according to your investment choice. For more information please refer to the Pension Member Guide.
Activity fees for payments
Deducted from your account at the time of payment.
$136     Family law split fee2
$33  Family law enquiry fee3
Advice fee Our qualified representatives can generally provide simple advice relating to super and pensions free of charge.
For more complex matters, or for non-super related advice, we are required by law to charge. This will generally be up to $120 per hour. Any fees charged will first be agreed upon with you before any work commences.

All fee calculations are inclusive of GST.
This fee (net of tax) is evenly split between your account and your spouse’s account when the split is made.. 
Charged to the non-member spouse for a request for information under the Family Law Act by the Trustee company outside the fund.

You may also be charged other service fees or special request fees for specific services, for example, insurance premiums if applicable.