How to start an income stream

How to start an income stream

Be in control of how you want to live your glory days by following these simple steps.

Get advice

There are important decisions you’ll need to make before you retire which can really set you up for financial success.  

Speak to one of our experienced advisers to help you make decisions about your super for a better retirement.

Know your options

There are different ways to set up your finances before you retire to get the most out of your super and any other entitlements. 

Things you should consider

  • What assets you might have, including your home and any debts (such as a mortgage).

  • What your living costs might be after you retire.

  • If you’ll receive income from other sources, such as savings or the Age Pension.

  • What type of lifestyle you want in retirement, such as holidays and hobbies.

Our experienced advisers can explain how each of the above has an impact on your retirement preparations.

How to do it yourself

Once you’re ready to start, follow the steps below. You can also speak to one of our advisers if you need any help.

  1. Determine whether you’re eligible to start a TTR Pension or Retirement Pension with us.

  2. Consider your personal circumstances, needs and objectives, and how best to structure your retirement income and insurance requirements.

  3. If you've decided to open a LUCRF Pension, read the Pension Member Guide - Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

  4. Complete the pension application form, where you can customise pension payments and investment options, keep or cancel your insurance and nominate your beneficiary/ies.”

  5. We’ll contact you with any outstanding information or decisions we need from you before we finalise your new pension account.

If your circumstances change, you can turn your pension back into a super account and restructure it accordingly to your new needs.


Do you need some help understanding your options?

Speak to one of our experienced financial advisers at no extra cost.

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Advice about your super is included as part of your membership.

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