Find your superannuation
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Find your superannuation

There’s $20 billion in lost super waiting to be claimed. Is any of it yours?

If you’ve ever changed jobs or even just your address, you might have inactive or lost super accounts out there. The good news is they're easy to find.

You can find your lost super through myGov

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) SuperMatch service is currently undergoing maintenance and is unavailable. Normally SuperMatch allows us to search for your other accounts and combine them instantly.

You can still find and consolidate your super through myGov.  

How do you combine multiple accounts?

If you'd like to combine your accounts with other super funds into your LUCRF Super account, complete and return the Transfer Between Funds form. 

Why combine multiple accounts?

  • Multiple accounts can lead to paying fees to multiple super funds which could eat into your savings.
  • Keeping track of your super will be easier.
  • You’ll have greater control of your retirement savings.

Before combining multiple accounts

  • Consider the impact of fees and check out the comparative cost of each fund.
  • Make sure you’ll have the insurance you need, particularly if you have an existing illness. Any insurance you have with other funds may be cancelled when rolling out your super.
  • You may not be able to rollover your super in a defined benefit scheme. There may be other complications.
  • There may be additional costs and complexity when rolling out of a self-managed super fund (SMSF).

Do you have questions about finding your super?

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