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Complete this online form to rollover another super account into your LUCRF Super account.

Complete this form again for each other super fund you wish to rollover.

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Important information

This form cannot be used to
  • transfer benefits if you don’t know where your super is
  • transfer benefits from more than three funds on this one form – a separate form must be completed for each additional fund you wish to transfer super from
  • change the fund to which your employer pays contributions on your behalf
  • open a super account
  • transfer benefits under certain conditions or circumstances – for example, if there’s a super agreement under the Family Law Act 1975 in place.
Things you need to consider when transferring your super
When you transfer your super, your entitlements under that fund may cease – you need to consider all relevant information before you make a decision to transfer your super.

Fees – your FROM fund must give you information about any exit or withdrawal fees. If you’re not aware of the fees that may apply, you should contact your fund for further information before completing this form. The fees could include administration fees, and exit or withdrawal fees. Differences in fees that funds charge can have a significant effect on the super you’ll have to retire on – for example, a 1% increase in fees may significantly reduce your final benefit.

Insurance cover – your FROM fund may insure you against death, illness or an accident which leaves you unable to return to work. If you choose to close that account and leave the fund, you may lose any insurance entitlements you have with them, or you may be able to transfer your insurance benefits across to LUCRF Super. If you’re going to apply to transfer your cover, DO NOT send us this rollover form until the insurer accepts your application. For information about cost and amount of cover that LUCRF Super provides and insurance matching/transferring, visit

Have you changed your name or are you signing on behalf of another person?
If you’ve changed your name, you must provide us with a certified copy of your marriage certificate, your deed poll name change certificate, your new birth certificate, or a divorce order. If you’re signing on behalf of another person, you’ll need to provide certified proof of the link between you and the other person. You can use guardianship papers or Power of Attorney, as well as your other certified ID (such as your driver licence or passport)

We collect personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

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