Nominate who gets your super
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Nominate who gets your super

You can choose who’ll get your super when you die; it’s called making a beneficiary nomination. Otherwise, we’ll decide who gets your super, which may not reflect your wishes.

Nominate who gets your super

You can decide what happens to your super in the event of your death by nominating your preferred beneficiary(s). 

You can add or update your preferences through Members Online instantly. We'll take these into account when deciding who gets your super. 

Different types of beneficiary nominations 

Non-binding nomination (preferred) 

This type of nomination lets us know your preferences which we take into consideration when deciding who gets your super after you die.

Binding nomination 

This is a legal declaration made every three years, that directs us to pay your benefit to your eligible beneficiaries.  

Reversionary nomination (for pension accounts only)

We’ll keep paying your income stream to your spouse or a child who meets the eligibility criteria.

Who can you nominate?

A death benefit can generally only be paid to your spouse or your dependant(s), or your legal personal representative (for binding or non-binding nominations). 

Dependants can include:

  • your partner
  • your children
  • an interdependent person
  • other financial dependants (someone who relies on you financially)

For non-binding nominations, you can nominate someone else (e.g. a parent), but we must be satisfied that all of your possible dependants are taken into consideration before we pay a non-dependant. 

See our Super Member Guide - Additional information for the full list of dependants.

How can you nominate your beneficiaries?

You can add or update your non-binding beneficiary online via Members Online

To make a binding nomination you can either;

You'll be asked to make a reversionary nomination when you open a Pension account.

Nominate non-binding beneficiary/ies
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