Our competitive fees and costs

Our competitive fees and costs

We're committed to keeping fees as low as possible so our members can get the most out of their super.

We've got one of the most competitive fee deals around. So you'll pay less!

We're a low-fee Industry SuperFund run only to benefit members. We don’t pay commissions to financial advisers or dividends to shareholders. 

We have a 3% total fee cap for members with a balance below $6,000, and one of the best variable administration fee caps of $495 per year regardless of your balance.

How we compare

Fees cover the cost of running the super fund and managing your investments.  

LUCRF Super members with a balance of $50,000, pay a low $477 per year, compared to $803 per year for the average retail super fund member.


$477 p.a. 
$510 p.a
$643 p.a.

The LUCRF Super Balanced option is $477 (gross of tax) over a one-year period which reduces to $423 (net of tax).

Low cost options for retirees 

Are you at or nearing retirement? Our lower than average fees mean we have one of the most competitive pension products in Australia.

You’ll only pay a maximum of $495 per year in variable administration fees if your account balance is $275,000 or above.

your account balance at retirementLUCRF SUPER balanced option  fees and costs 2median fees and costs across industry, retail & government Super funds 2
$423 p.a.
$580 p.a.
$768 p.a
$1,078 p.a.
$1,803 p.a.
$2,578 p.a.
$3,123 p.a.
$5,004 p.a.

Our MySuper Balanced option fees

This table shows you the total fees over a one-year period for a member with a $50,000 super balance. You can use this table to compare our MySuper Balanced product with other super products.

our mysuper balanced option

our feesbased on an account balance of $50,000
Investment fee0.25% (net of tax)For every $50,000 you have in the Balanced option, your fee will  be $125 per year.
Plus administration fee$1.50 per week plus 0.18% per year of your account balance.Your administration fee will be $168 each year.
Plus indirect costs for the MySuper Balanced investment option0.26% per yearA cost of $130 will apply to your investment before investment earnings are received.
Equals cost of product $423 for one year based on a starting balance of $50,000 invested in the MySuper Balanced option.

The 'cost of product' above is $423 (net of tax) over a one-year period which is $477 (gross of tax).

Fees for all investment options

The below fees are net of tax, to see gross of tax fees please see our Fees and costs guide.

direct fees

(deducted from investment returns before they're allocated to your account)

indirect fees

(deducted from investments before calculating investment returns)

Investment optionInvestment management fee (net of tax)indirect cost ratio (%)Total investment fees
MySuper Balanced (default)0.25%0.26%0.51%
High Growth0.28%0.26%0.54%
Indexed Balanced0.06%0.00%0.06%
Australian Shares (Active)0.27%0.03%0.30%

International Shares (Active)
Australian Shares (Indexed)0.07%0.00%0.07%
International Shares (Indexed)0.07%0.00%0.07%

Our awards and ratings

We're proud that our super and pension fees are highly rated by Australia's independent rating organisations.


SuperRatings - Good

SuperRatings has rated our super and pension fees and charges for small ($50k), medium ($250k) and large ($500k) accounts as Good.

Administration fee

You pay $1.50 per week (fixed fee), plus 0.18% per year (variable fee) of your account balance. We also have a 3% total fee cap for members with a balance below $6,000 and cap the variable administration fee at $495 per year (applies if you maintain a balance over $275,000). These fees cover administration costs involved in the daily maintenance of members’ accounts.

Investment fees

Investment fees cover the fees and costs related to creating investment returns. They’re not deducted from your account balance but rather from the gross investment earnings of the fund before they’re applied to your account.

There are also indirect costs related to managing your investments, such as investment brokerage, which aren't deducted from your account but before investment earnings are received. Investment fees and indirect costs vary depending on your chosen investment options. See our PDS and Fees and Costs guide for further information.

Other potential fees

Type of fee or cost Amount How and when paid
Exit fee Nil We don't charge an exit fee.
Family law split fee $136 This fee of $136 is evenly split between your account and your spouse's account when the split is made.
Family law enquiry fee $33 This is charged to the non-member spouse for a request for information (Form 6 Declaration) under the Family Law Act.
Buy/sell spread Nil We don't charge a buy/sell spread fee.

Insurance premiums

Insurance premiums vary depending on the types of cover you have, the amount you’re covered for, and other factors including your age, occupation and health. To learn more about our default cover and other insurance options visit, How insurance in super works.

Download our Insurance Guide to learn more or to calculate your premium.


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SuperRatings SMART 31 Oct 2021. All total fees are reported gross of tax.

2  SuperRatings SMART 31 Oct 2021. All total fees are reported gross of tax. Fees and costs include all administration fees, investment fees and direct costs (net of tax) LUCRF Super investment fees and direct costs are based on the ‘Balanced’ investment option. Comparison fund investment fees and direct costs are based on the default product investment option.

Additional fees may apply.

Our fees are correct as at 1 Oct 2021 and are subject to change.

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